At Lakeland Park we have a wide variety of accommodation options available to groups. 

Click the links below to see further information:

Full camp hire of the whole site is 130 beds.   

Please note the following before making a booking inquiry:

  • Lakeland Park Christian Camp is a facility for pre-booked groups only. We do not take casual bookings from individuals / groups arriving without a prior arranged booking. Please complete the form below to arrange a booking with us.

  • We do not have separate stand-alone facilities for campervans or tents. The camping area is available for those that hire the Main Camp only.  

  • We are not a long term accommodation facility and therefore cannot take long term accommodation requests.

  • The following dates are not available at all into the future. These dates have been pre-booked using the whole camp-site by long-term regular rollover bookings. They are very very unlikely to be available however you can fill in the booking inquiry below to be added to the waiting list.

    • 18th December through to 2nd January

    • Easter Weekend

    • Kings Birthday Weekend

    • Matariki Weekend

    • Labour Weekend

Please contact us or fill in the booking enquiry form below for further information.

Booking Enquiry Form

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