Book Your Stay At Lakeland Park

Please use the form below to make an enquiry ... Lakeland Park welcomes your inquiry and would love to have to stay with us and enjoy our wonderful camp-site with your group. 

Please note:

  • Lakeland Park Christian Camp is a facility for pre-booked groups only. We do not take casual bookings from individuals / groups arriving without a prior arranged booking. Please complete the form below to arrange a booking with us.

  • We do not have separate stand-alone facilities for campervans or tents. The camping area is available for those that hire the Main Camp only.  

  • We are not a long term accommodation facility and therefore cannot take long term accommodation requests.

Unavailable Dates

  • The following dates are unavailable however you can fill in the booking inquiry below to be added to the waiting list.

  • The following annual dates are not available at all into the future as they have been pre-booked using the whole camp-site by long-term regular rollover bookings. 

    • Christmas and New Years: (18th December through to 2nd January)

    • Easter Weekend

    • Kings Birthday Weekend

    • Matariki Weekend

    • Labour Weekend

  • 2024 Junior Rugby Tournament: For the weekend of 31 August through to 2nd September 2024 (and future years) we have no large group availability (sorry!) and we already have multiple rugby clubs already on our waiting list.

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